We Were Featured in Beauty Independent! - Koope

We Were Featured in Beauty Independent!

We had the pleasure of being featured in Beauty Independent’s recent ‘No Stupid Questions’ piece! 🥳 Our founder and CEO, Nadia Porter, spoke with Beauty Independent on whether trade publications should receive free products from beauty brands. Here’s a little snippet of her thoughts:

“First and foremost, any time I can get a potential new person of interest excited about my brand, whether it’s a friend, editor, investor, buyer…anyone at all, I welcome the opportunity. I want everyone to be able to try our product and fall in love with it.

If a writer is reporting on my brand in a factual manner, as tends to be the case for trade media, I still want them to be able to touch and feel the packaging and product. We put so much consideration and resources into our brand and product experience, I personally feel this is an essential part of the factual elements of a brand.”

With our unique, rotating packaging featuring art from our art program, the experience of holding a Koope product in hand is unmatched! Not to mention the incredible, supercharged ingredients in our products that’ll have your skin healthier than ever. Grab a Koope Skincare Duo today to understand the full Koope experience!

Link to full article here.