Meet Claire Prouvost - Koope's first artist collaboration - Koope

Meet Claire Prouvost - Koope's first artist collaboration

When we set out to create Koope, our founder knew that we were different.  Koope was more than just the products, it's place for collaboration, individuality and expression.  So in 2020 our Creative Director Aaron Rothwell suggested in a brainstorming session that we bring the art world into Koope and feature a new artist on our packaging each season.  

Meet our first artist, Claire Prouvost!  Claire is a French illustrator and muralist living in Dublin.  She loves to work on a variety of mediums across digital, illustration and painting of all sizes including large-scale murals.  Her art is special, exploring the complexity of relationships, connections and feelings - she captures these through deconstructed figures and expressive colourful shapes.  

"Working with Claire was an incredible experience, she has a vibrance and energy about her that comes through both in her art and when she speaks.  Her ability to take Koope and make it into something so beautiful is incredible.  We call her piece 'World of Koope'" says Koope founder Nadia Porter. 

We were so fortunate to work with Claire, her artwork is bold, colourful and cubist in style, having worked with brands like Gucci, Wimbledon and Lavazza, Guinness and more... we are definitely in good company!     Visit to see more of her incredible work and get inspired.  

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us, Claire x