Explore some of the worlds best artists, found and unfound. In collaboration with our seasonal art call, here you'll find a home for pieces that were created by people around the world. At Koope we believe that art is an important part of expression and individuality. Stay, enjoy and get inspired.

Art Call Winner - Spring 2023

Meet Tara Reed, Koope Art Call winner to be featured on our packaging in our Spring 2023 collection .

Tara Reed is an illustrator and surface designer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She specializes in creating vibrant, mood boosting color palettes.Tarahas licensed and sold work to amazing companies such as; Cloud9 Fabrics, Joann, Jiggy Puzzles, and Nerida Hansen. She cares deeply about diversity, inclusion, the importance of mental health, and lifting others up. You can find her work at www.tarareedart.com or on instagram at www.instagram.com/taranormal.