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Everything You Need To Know About Baobab Oil In Skincare


Baobab Oil comes from pressed seeds of the Baobab Tree. It's super-packed with vitamins and antioxidants and is not only used for it's regenerative abilities, but also has a number of benefits that help support healthy skin. Here are our reasons why we love Baobab Oil in Koope skincare: 


Baobab Oil helps to support the skin's moisture barrier 

Baobab Oil is highly nourishing and has vitamin E, which is an effective moisturizer, providing the skin with protection from loss of hydration. Being a rich oil, Baobab Oil infuses the skin with balanced moisture that not only keeps the skin hydrated, but also helps keep the skin looking youthful (although just to point out, aging is beautiful so own it!)   


It's packed, Vitamins A, B, C & E

An array of benefits with vitamins key to protecting the skins surface against sensitivity, repels bacteria, retain moisture and reduce dryness, flakiness and fine lines. Vitamin E has been shown to also reduce damage to the skin caused by UV rays - also preventing free-radical damage (yes free radicals are as bad as they sound).

Baobab Oil helps to preserve collagen & fight fine lines

Collagen is your skin's elastic band. As we age our natural collagen production starts to slow down, so preserving collagen help keep your skin tight and smooth.  The antioxidants packed in Baobab Oil help preserve collagen. This also results in less fine lines because your skin is plumped and tight! 


Baobab Oil has omega fatty acids 

Packed with omega 3, 6 and 9, Baobab Oil has anti-inflammatory benefits that help soothe sensitivity, eczema, psoriasis and acne. Another added bonus of this is that with reduced inflammation and dryness, comes reduced signs of aging (not the happy smile lines, the signs we don't like!).  


It's friendly to your skin's microbiome

We've all heard how important microbiome is in your stomach, but it goes for your skin too! Baobab Oil doesn't interfere with these healthy bacteria that you need for healthy and radiant skin.  


Baobab Oil is typically grown in underserved communities of the world

Most Baobab Oil trees are grown in rural areas of Africa who absolutely rely on these crops to sustain communities and homes. By using Baobab Oil in your skincare products you're supporting employment, community and opportunity in these regions. Baobab Oil is one of the few ingredients that are untampered with, completely chemical or nasty ingredient free.  

You can find Baobab Oil in Koope Middleweight Moisturizer, or see more of our 2-step skincare products here.