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How much skincare product layering is too much?

We've all done it, been in a 'skincare junkie' phase. But using too many skincare products isn't actually the best option.  Read the latest blog on

Think of it this way…you wouldn’t eat 5 different meals for dinner! 🥙 🍕🍔 🍱 🍝 🤪

Each skincare product on your shelf has a number of ingredients, ranging from product to product (some as high as 40+!).  Multiply this by the number of products in your routine…that’s a lot of stuff for your skin to handle!   

Too many products can cause sensitivity and dermatitis.  Our skin is like our stomach, if you mix pizza, cake and a milkshake, you’ll probably end up with a tummy ache! 

KOOPE's 2-step skincare routine has everything your skin needs to feel happy and healthy [always remember to add sunscreen!].   

STEP 1:  Cleanse

Removing dirt and debris from your skin not only does away with all the nasty stuff sitting on the surface, but also prepares the skin for your moisturizer and active ingredients that will treat and protect your skin.  

Cleansers can be exfoliating or non-exfoliating.  We encourage a mix of both, alternating your exfoliator and cleanser once a week. 

STEP 2: Hydrate & Treat 

For most of us moisturizing our skin is the last step before applying sunscreen and makeup (if you wear it!).  Sometimes a concentrated serum underneath your moisturizer can add benefits, although KOOPE products include a range of active ingredients that penetrate deep in the skins layers.  You also want to be cautious of serums to a) avoid over-layering and b) ensure the serum you are using doesn't contradict with another active in your products.  

For 2-step skincare that works check out KOOPE Cleansers and Moisturizers.