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Skincare Trends to Avoid in the New Year

Skincare trends come and go and while some can leave your skin looking great, many are not worth the hype 🙅‍♀️. Many dermatologists recommend proceeding with caution when it comes to trying that new trending skincare hack… one wrong move and you could be facing some serious damage to your skin. With the New Year right around the corner, here are some skincare trends to leave in 2022.

Step Away From the Pore Vacuums⁠

Pore vacuums have been a popular trend in skincare for many years but the truth is that the cons outweigh whatever pros you may hear in those trending, oddly satisfying videos. Pore vacuums are handheld devices that claim to suction up dirt, dead skin tissue, and other debris to unclog pores. The result, in theory, would be clearer, smoother skin that’s free of blemishes, but that is pretty far from the case.

Pore vacuums have been hailed as a great way to get rid of stubborn blackheads, but many dermatologists agree that pore vacuums can actually be very damaging to the skin. The suction of the vacuums can break blood vessels in the skin and lead to bruising and inflammation. If the pressure of the suction is high enough, they may even cause permanent scarring and discoloration.  

Sunscreen Contouring Isn’t Worth It!

Sunscreen contouring, also known as a dermatologist’s worst nightmare 🤦‍♀️. Sunscreen contouring or spf contouring is the practice of placing sunscreen in select areas of the face to create a contoured look that saves a step in your makeup routine. The process involves placing a sunscreen with low SPF to certain areas of the face to tan while sunscreen with a higher SPF is placed in others places to leave those areas lighter. Sounds great in theory, right? Wrong!  The time you might save on makeup is definitely not worth the cancer risk.  Sunscreen contouring can lead to sunburn, sun spots, increased wrinkles, and even skin cancer.  It's best to stick to bronzers and highlighters when it comes to getting that “snatched” look.

The “Slug” Life Probably Isn’t For You

Another trend that took social media by storm in 2022 was slugging. Slugging is a technique used to seal hydration into your skin. The process includes slathering a layer of petroleum jelly on your face overnight [omg, right?!]. Originating from Korean beauty trends, slugging is said to leave your skin plump, glowy, and moisturized the next morning. 

This trend is a huge no-no if you have oily, combination, acne-prone, or sensitive skin because slugging locks in more than just moisture. That petroleum jelly layer can trap dead skin cells, debris, and oil into your skin which can lead to breakouts.

Instead of slugging, we recommend using Koope Heavyweight Moisturizer to replenish your skin and give it the deep hydration it needs without the risk of breakouts 😊

Skincare Trend We Love?

If you’re looking for a skincare trend that withstands the test of time, try Koope’s skinimalism routine. Skinimalism is the ‘less is more’ approach to skincare. The truth is, a quality cleanser and moisturizer with great ingredients are all you need to keep your skin healthy and happy. Fewer steps in your routine also gives you more time to conquer those New Year’s Resolutions! Try any of our Koope Skin Duos and jumpstart your skinimalist journey. 

Remember, the name of the game is to always consult a dermatologist before turning to the newest skin trends on Tiktok. Skincare trends can be fun in the moment but the damage that could be done is definitely not.